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Lake Austin

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Lake Austin Residence


This house is located on the Lake Austin waterfront. In concept, the configuration of the 6,400 square foot house is loosely based on the shell formed by the Nautilus sea creature, consisting of numerous radiating chambers that progressively increase in size spiraling outward. Its shell is often referred to as nature’s “perfect shelter”. In the house’s plan layout, the main walls radiate from the center outward, creating a dramatic cascading of building shapes and roof structures, that also reflects its interior volumes and spaces within, yet minimizes its overall mass. The walls were intentionally radiated out to beyond the windows to the outside, to connect both the indoor and outdoor spaces, to both the wooded area and pool deck to the rear of the site, and to Lake Austin to the front beyond. The house’s exterior “shell” is encased with stucco and wood finishes, penetrated with generous window walls and door openings underneath large overhangs, and capped with protective stepped metal roofs with upper level clerestory windows.


Project Type:

Austin, Texas


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