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Smithville Residence


The project is for a new residence located in Smithville, Texas to include a 3-story main house, a guest house, barn and a two-lane lap competition length pool located on the owner’s ~211 acre property that includes a working pecan farm. The main house will be 3-stories with 2 main floors and an occupiable attic-level floor with dormer windows. The latter is intended to recreate the wife’s childhood memories of her grandmother’s attic in Amsterdam. The exterior style is intended to incorporate Dutch architectural features such as masonry walls, steeply pitched tiled roof, and crow-stepped parapet gable ends. The interior style is to include finishes such as wood and encaustic tile floors, delft wall tiles, and wood burning fireplaces. The guest house will be 2-story with an open concept layout. The working barn will include multiple tractor and auto parking spaces, a multi-purpose room, and a multi-sports gym space to accommodate a half-court sized basketball gym and a baseball batting cage.


Project Type:

Smithville, Texas


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