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Peninsula Condominiums


The Peninsula is a luxury condominium project located on the Lake Austin waterfront, that at the time, was on the only property remaining that allowed for a project with a higher multi-unit density and allowable site area coverage. The project's fourteen units were built in two phases and included eight unique floor plans. The first phase has attached units ranging in size from 3,200 to 5,800 square feet. At these four-story units, the middle two stories include generous living, kitchen and bedroom areas with access to numerous balconies. The third story is a penthouse lobby with direct access to its own large private roof top terrace. The bottom lake level story includes an enclosed boat garage. Each unit is served by its own elevator. During the second phase, the overall design concept evolved to paired units on three levels instead of attached units on four levels. This approach allowed for each unit to have exterior windows, doors and balconies that are located on three of the sides of each unit. These units range in size from 3,400 to 5,000 square feet. Boat storage for each unit was accomplished with an open-sided carport styled dock that allowed for a large terrace to be built on top of them, accessible next to their adjacent living rooms.


Project Type:

Austin, Texas


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