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Westover Hills

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Westover Hills Church Of Christ


The Westover Hills Church of Christ is located in the Northwest Hills neighborhood in Austin. This project was for one of the latter phases of the church’s expansion for adding a new Auditorium. Having had their religious services for years in a boxy, windowless, and over-crowded auditorium, the congregation members wanted a new different ambience within their new expansion. Therefore the congregation members were very specific about the spiritual and physical experience they wanted, and although the church's space needed to grow in size, they wanted to retain two characteristics of the old auditorium space: First, they wanted everyone to all still feel connected together during worship services, and second, they wanted their a cappella voices to fill the space. For this, the design of the new Auditorium incorporated a 19,000sf 1,800 seat fan shaped auditorium and with balcony seating that creates a contiguous connection with the lower floor, enabling the interaction of the worshippers during services. Its irregular shaped volume and open worship space further creates a lively acoustical environment, perfect for a cappella singing, they hoped to have. Other features included the high vaulted ceilings throughout and clerestory windows along its perimeter gives the auditorium a light and airy feel. This phase also included the expansion of the common gathering and meeting Foyer to 5,000sf, as well as several tertiary spaces for offices, a library, a chapel, and dressing rooms located under a portion of the auditorium seating. An additional 15,000sf of remodeling to the other existing areas were also part of the project. The Auditorium stage area was recently renovated and updated to change with the times with more youth- oriented type services integrating praise music. First, its three original rear projection screens were replaced with a large LED screen. Later, the pulpit and stage were enlarged and expanded. Initial architectural services that we had provided prior to these included a Master Plan design that sought to integrate the church’s separated existing buildings on the site that would pull the entire church into a conditioned seamless and unified complex. This included a large 4,000sf common Foyer addition with generous attached restrooms and a 5,000sf remodel and a two-story 10,000sf Education Wing addition.


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Austin, Texas


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