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Star Canyon

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Star Canyon


This specialty brand restaurant, Star Canyon, featured “new tastes from Texas” from the menu creations of Texas celebrity chef Stephan Pyles, known as one of the originators of Southwestern cuisine. It was completed for Carlson Restaurants, the owners of the nationally known Friday's Restaurants. The design featured some of the same elements from their successful Star Canyon restaurant concept located in Dallas.. The restaurant's ~7,000sf ground level space was located within three uniquely conjoined and restrictive areas inside the existing Stephen F. Austin Hotel in Austin. Due to it being located under the hotel's main tower and grand ballroom as well as a portion of it extending into the adjacent 1873 historic Brush-Turner-Hirshfeld Building, the architecture team was challenged with solving multiple architectural and systems issues, including those needed for the wood fired menu. The firm provided full architectural services throughout the project with the support of the client's corporate interiors design firm.


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Austin, Texas


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