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San Felipe

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San Felipe Market


The San Felipe Market Retail Center is located in north Austin and accommodates 16,500sf of tenant spaces and two restaurant spaces. Located on a sloped corner lot, the project’s site plan and L-shape shell building was designed to maximize its visibility from the adjacent streets and view of the identifying signage of the various tenant spaces as well as to provide easy accessibility and convenience to their spaces. Due to the extra depth of the site on the side-street frontage, additional useable areas were available to provide landscaped buffers and planted features in front of the tenant’s facades and walkways. An octagonal shaped turret positioned at its prime corner provides a landmark feature and anchor of the site. Regionally quarried stone was used throughout. Its tenant storefront openings were designed to allow for numerous door location options without disrupting the proportions of the various glass storefront windows. Covered walkways are utilized to protect customers from the elements while also shading the store's interiors.   For further information about this project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.


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Austin, Texas


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