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Oak Hill Residence


The Oak Hill residence and barn is located in South Austin and strived to meet the owner’s numerous unique program challenges and requirements. Both buildings were constructed as shell buildings using high-bay medium-span prefabricated metal building systems. The residence’s two-level floor plan includes varied typical interior living spaces, that the owner called his “man-cave”, all located and constructed within one of the corners of the main shell. These includes a family room, kitchen, island/breakfast bar, dining area, and master suite. The upper-level serves as an exercise deck with various exercise equipment stations, ventilated with a 20-ft diameter overhead fan. On the outside of this area, a wrap-around covered front porch, with a stained-and-scored concrete floor, is provided for additional exterior living spaces. Also incorporated within the building is a car parking bay, work area, workshop and a “man hang-out” area. The kitchen is provided with interior windows facing this bay for views towards the car collection within. Because of the structure’s high-bay open ceiling, an oversized RV parking bay is provided within to allow for an RV to serve as an additional bedroom suite for overnight guests. To provide them with views to the surrounding woods from within the RV itself, the building’s exterior windows were intentionally oversized and heightened to be aligned with the RV’s windows. Next door, the barn shell building includes a main bay for storing a multiple car collection and a small bay for storing other additional equipment. For all the garage doors, large motorized aircraft hangar doors were utilized and designed to integrate into the building’s architecture. The building’s main walls and roofs are covered with solar-reflective galvalume raised metal panels, aligned with each other. The accompanying wall and garage door surfaces are covered with wood siding that integrate raised wood battens that align with and match the profile of the adjacent metal walls panel’s raised ribs. Other features include passive vertical and horizontal sunshades at exposed windows. For further information about this project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.


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Austin, Texas


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