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Bella Sera

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Bella Sera


The project consisted of a remodel of an existing 2,500 square foot restaurant space within the existing Village Oaks Retail Center, both of which were previous Nix Group Architects projects. The interior remodel included the main dining areas, the front and back bars, the service niches, and kitchen. The front area’s cabinetry and walls were clad in painted wood raised paneling, crown molding and trim. The main dining room space remained open to the underside of the shell building’s metal roof deck to allow for a higher ceiling, while the ceiling over other specific dining areas were lowered, using suspended drop-down cloud-like elements, to highlight those specific areas. A variety of accent lights were added throughout and controlled with various programable lighting scenes to provide additional ambience throughout and within those areas. The exterior remodel included adding a privacy screen masonry wall enclosure and a water fountain feature to create a secluded outdoor patio dining and waiting area. For further information about this project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page.


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Bee Cave, Texas


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