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Tarrytown Residence


Located in the Tarrytown neighborhood in Austin, the project involved the total interior and exterior remodel and addition of the residence for the new owners that was originally designed by Jim Nix in 1972. The original plan layout was unique in that the kitchen, family room and living room were all two stories in height and wrapped around an interior court. Due to differences in lifestyles from the original owners, the new owners requested several updates to the plan layout. For this, the area above the kitchen was enclosed to allow for the second story expansion of the master bedroom suite and the creation of a new bathroom suite addition. Also, the area above family room was partial enclosed to allow for enlarging the children's bedrooms. To enhance the flow of guests in the living room when entertaining, two oversized stacking wood doors replaced the smaller sliding glass doors, allowing for easier access to the exterior front deck and to the quiet shaded terrace beyond. The rear of the house was also enlarged to create a new kitchen/breakfast area that opened onto a new outdoor terrace. Two additional matching oversized stacking wood doors, similar to those at the front of the house, were installed here to enhance the connection of its interior space to the outside. This residence was highlighted in Terrence Malick’s Oscar nominated 2011 film “The Tree of Life” starring Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn. In the movie, it was the residence of the character played by Sean Penn after he became a successful architect later in his life. The project was published in Tribeza Austin's December 2007 issue titled "Back to the Future" by Helen Thompson.


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Austin, Texas


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